2014 Show Results

A message from Chris the website guy

I am going to have to do too much work to get the points to display on the AMA website properly but I have a spare time idea website that I am in the process of working on slowly named MuleConnect which is way easier for me to work with. Being I am going to have to change Maggie's points over from an excel file by hand doing it this way will let me do it quicker and I hope nicer looking for everyone. I will be slowly putting shows up this week but I did do Santa Ynez and will be getting to Kernville and Tucker's show. If you see any errors that I have made just email me and I will fix it for you or the easiest way is to leave a reply at the bottom of the points page. MuleConnect is a very unfinished website and most things will not work for you but the AMA points pages will. Maggie is still working on some the shows so the points that I put up may not be complete.

Santa Ynez 2014- Available at MuleConnect.com

Bishop Mule Days 2014- Available at Horseshowtime.com

Slender Cattle Show 2014-Unofficial Results- PDF file only Official Results- Available at MuleConnect.com

Kernville Mule & Donkey Show 2014- Available at MuleConnect.com