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The American Mule Association is a California non-profit public benefit corporation that was founded in 1976. Since its inception, the AMA has been dedicated to building the reputation and integrity of mules throughout the United States.

A primary objective of the AMA is the promotion of the modern mule as highly intelligent, versatile and personable riding companion.  The AMA also promotes the Donkey which is an integral component in the genetic makeup of the mule.

The AMA acts as a primary sanctioning body of mule and donkey shows throughout the United States.  AMA members and their mules and donkeys can compete for points that count towards year end awards in numerous disciplines including, but not limited to, packing, roping, jumping, dressage, gymkhana and trail.    

If your interest is driving, showing, packing, or pleasure riding, mules are the perfect animals, and the AMA wants to help you achieve your goals. Whether just starting out or a seasoned professional, the AMA is an organization dedicated to serving you and your mule.

Browse through our history page for some background, or go to photos and see what the members are up to. We have a membership application available on line to print. Contact the AMA office for judge’s card application, show packets, or other information.


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USFS packing program. Video link

Mule vs goat who wins not really sure but the goat is not to scared. Video link

Jo C made friends with a wild horse.

By Jody Lowrey

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Upcoming Events

2014 Event List
Slender Cattle Show

Tucker is going to have all the cattle classes along with ranch classes.  He is also going to have a great trail class along with all the gymkhana classes. As Tucker would say "get ready for a rip roaring time." 

Contact Tucker at (559)876-3713

Kernville Mule & Donkey Days

Another great show to go and participate in.

More info: KernvilleMuleDonkeyDays